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Communcation related services

Welcome! You just found a flexible and reliable partner who provides the full range of translation and other services related with international communication. We work fast and accurate focussing on our customers' needs and communcation interests.


We provide fast and accurate translation for all European and the American continent's main languages and translate, for example, your contracts, terms and conditions, offers, technical documentation, reports and official documents with certification pursuant to German/EU law or with notarization for Russia/the CIS. Of course, we can deliver "before yesterday" providing urgent translation services.

Optimization, lectorate and redaction before and after the translation

Performing a "technical" and content/style optimization of a source text you can save time and money on the translation itself. Of course, we offer checking translation themselves - as a package with the translation or as single service.

Web site localization

Discover new markets by providing your potential local and international customers with a website localized into one of the big languages such as English, Spanish, Russian or French. We translate and localize all "visible and invisible" information that needs to be translated, such as meta data, charset, scripts and the text itself. Of course, we can provide our services working in your CMS.


We provide interpreters, mainly for language pairs with German, for both types of interpretation - consecutive and simultaneous. They will assist you in your negotiations, when visiting a trade fair or will provide a simultaneous interpretation during your international conferences. Moreover, we offer phone and video conferences.

Terminology data bases

... are another option for cost saving and quality improvement. We elaborate new terminology data bases in various file formats and provide data base maintenance.


All Eastern and Western European languages: German, English, Spanish, Russian, French, Polish, Ucrainian, Italian, Portugese, Swedish, Norwegian, Danish, Finlandian, Czech, Slvoak, Dutch, Latvian, Lithuanian, Estonian, Hungarian, Serb, Croatian, Slovenian.

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